Call for a help

If you need the help of Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, call 112, or direct number 18 155 - anytime, day and night.


Describe the situation

Describe the injury, current situation you are at, weather conditions at the place you are, provide your mobile number you can be reached on.


Stay at the place of accident

Do not change your location, stay at the place of accident.


Provide the first aid

Provide the first aid, if possible.


Do not wave!

On helicopter arrival, put your hands up into the V shape. Do not wave!


Cooperate with rescuers

After rescuers arrive, follow their instructions.


ATE operates its own dispatching center on tel. no. 18 155

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service takes in the requests for the helicopter rescue and coordinates the activities in all of its operational centers in Slovakia.

The main advantage of HEMS is definitely its fastness and accessibility. These factors play an important role in efficient rescue of human life, they eliminate patients´ suffering and also the risk of further serious health complications.

Who pays for the rescue with helicopter?

AIR - TRANSPORT EUROPE, Ltd. has signed contracts with all Health Insurance providers based in the Slovak Republic. For citizens insured with these providers, payments for Helicopter Rescue Service are fully covered by their statutory health insurance.

EU citizens need to arrange the European Health Insurance Card prior traveling. Payments for Helicopter Rescue Medical Service will be then covered by their home statutory health insurance.

To all NON-EU citizens we suggest getting a travel health insurance including the Medical and Hospital expense cover and also inquire about the expense limit amounts covered by the insurance.

Transport requests

Useful forms for revision or attending doctors who request helicopter transportation of a patient by the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service AIR - TRANSPORT EUROPE.