Is Helicopter Emergency Medical Service paid by the patient?

AIR - TRANSPORT EUROPE, Ltd. has signed contracts with all Health Insurance providers based in the Slovak Republic. For citizens insured with these providers, payments for Helicopter Rescue Service are fully covered by their statutory health insurance. EU citizens need to arrange the European Health Insurance Card prior traveling. Payments for Helicopter Rescue Medical Service will be then covered by their home statutory health insurance. To all NON-EU citizens we suggest getting a travel health insurance including the Medical and Hospital expense cover and also inquire about the expense limit amounts covered by the insurance.

Who are the emergency helicopter crew members?

The helicopter crew consists of: pilot, doctor and rescuer.

Who can apply for a job of a crew member?

There are specific requirements that candidates need to meet in order to apply for a job as a pilot, doctor or rescuer. Our helicopter pilots are required to gain a commercial or airline transport pilot license, type qualification (ensured by us), at least 1000 flight hours experience, ability to perform night flights and approved 1st class health competence. We prefer pilots experienced in winch and hoist flights. Doctors are required to have a specialization exam in Urgent Medicine or Anesthesia and Intensive Care, eventually other specialized doctors preparing for specialization exam in Urgent Medicine. Rescuers are required to graduate from High School specialized in Health Rescue, to have practical experience working at Accident and Emergency or Urgent Care department. Successful candidates will also be required to attend and pass additional trainings.