Shopping in e-shop is very simple. In e-shop you can order any goods with the “add to cart” button. Transportation within the Slovak Republic is included in the price. After sending your order we will inform you about availability and total price either by e-mail or by phone. In case of foreign delivery address we will individually calculate additional costs for transportation.

1. Selection of Goods

In the first step select the goods you are interested in.

2. Add to cart

Once you make your choice, select the number of items. As the items with ATE logo are made in limited editions, the limited number per customer per item is maximum 3. By pressing “add to cart” button the goods will automatically be moved to cart. Then you can go on selection. You can get back to cart any time by pressing cart button in the upper corner. There you can either take the goods out of the cart or update the number of selected items. Once you are finished with goods selection, press “continue” button.

3. Donor Card Holders

If you are a Donor Card holder, enter its number. This entitles you to redeem a discount that will be deducted in your shopping cart.

4. Ordering Goods

After checking the “cart” button put down the data necessary for sending your order. In case you are Donor's Card holder, put down its number. It authorizes you to get a discount on goods. E-mail address and phone number are obligatory, as this is a way how we inform you about goods availability, term of delivery and other details of your order. (Your order may be split depending on delivery term of individual items. We will inform you about all details concerning your order). The discount cannot be recovered additionally. Press “order goods” button. Your order will be sent for processing. After sending your order you will receive confirmation of order to your e-mail address. We will contact you as soon as possible and agree all details with you.